About Eddies Valve Grinding

Eddie's has been in the business of designing and
building engines of all description for more than 35
years, specializing in high performance motors. Eddies state of the art machine shop located in Sayreville, NJ
has all the tools and equipment to build the best and
most reliable motors for our customers. Our in-house facility also ensures quality control for the engines we assemble, making custom applications a breeze. 

Eddies award winning operation has been documented
by peer reviewed magazines and racing newspapers. In fact Edward Banach, Jr. is the successor to his dad and has been running the business for 16 years. Eddie Sr.
was an avid "racing" participant directly involved in the construction and design of the engines that brought his success. 

The business is built on years of racing experience with former NHRA champions that have years of victories and championships that can benefit your engine application for the street or the track. 

This history of dedication and passsion assures the quality and performance Eddie's believes is deserved for any "enthusiast" or customary driver seeking engine restoration.

Ed Banach Sr. Makes The Cover Of Super Stock Magazine

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